Bali Where to Go

Bali Where to Go

Bali where to go is a question we always have in mind when people plan to visit Bali. 

This question comes to mind before we depart to Bali for a holiday. Some people find the answer to this question by asking someone else who has just come back from Bali. Some people explore the information on social media platforms and find out what most people do when they are in Bali; at the same time, they plan to do the same thing. 

In this opportunity, we will write an article that you may use as a reference when you plan to visit Bali for a holiday. 

The first recommendation we have for you is to visit Ubud. Especially if you love culture and nature like rice terraces, we believe exploring Ubud is one of the suggested places you should visit when you visit Bali. 

One of the best places in Ubud you can visit is the Rice terrace in Tegalalang. To access this place, you need to drive about 40 – 45 minutes if you drive from the Kuta or Canggu area in the South part of Bali. Tourists come to this place for a light meal, lunch, or even a cup of coffee while enjoying the restaurant’s stunning view of the restaurant’s rice terrace. 

You can go to this place by renting a bike, or you can buy a tour package with Bali Best Adventures. For your information, the best time to visit this place is lunchtime; staying here for one hour up to 2 hours will bring a new experience to your life. 

Our second recommendation you can make if you take a holiday to Bali is to visit Monkey Forest in Ubud Center. 

Monkey forest is a popular place in Ubud. Located in central Ubud, and if you want to visit these two places on the same day. We suggest you go to the monkey forest first, then continue to visit the rice terrace in Tegalalang, Ubud; morning will be the perfect time to see the monkey forest. The entrance fee for Monkey Forest is about USD 4 per person; when tourists visit this monkey forest, they usually interact with monkeys, but if you are unfamiliar with animals like monkeys, interacting with monkeys is not recommended. 

After Ubud, our next recommendation you can try is to join trekking and explore Mount Batur. If your hotel is located in the south part of Bali, like Kuta, Canggu, or the Nusa dua area, to do this adventure, make sure you can wake up early in the morning. For the trekking tour package, we usually go and pick you up at your hotel stay at 2 am and bring you to the start point of trekking in Kintamani. Distance from the southern part of Bali to the start point of this trekking is about 1.5 to 2 hours away. 

To reach the top of the Mountain, you need to walk for about 2 hours; When you reach the top of the Mountain, you will see the spectacular view of Sun Rise that we believe makes your holiday more colorful. Every year thousands of tourists, local and international, visit this top of the Mountain; therefore, a trekking adventure to Mount Batur is one of the recommended places you should visit when you come to Bali for a holiday. 

After exploring Mount Batur, your next trip can be visiting a natural hot spring; visiting a natural hot spring allows you to recharge the energy you use during your trekking. Natural Hot Spring is about a 15 – 20 minutes drive from Mount Batur finish point; if you go trekking with the local driver, just ask the driver to bring you to the natural hot spring.

The last recommendation we can give you if visiting Bali is Water Sports Activity. The location of this water sports center is in Tanjung Benoa, join water sports you can experience underwater life, like diving, snorkeling is a must adventure you should try to all tourist who to visit Bali. 

Hopefully, the above information can give you an idea of what to do when visiting Bali for a holiday. Bali Best Adventures is a tour and travel company based in Bali; we provide:

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If you need more details, contact us through Whatsapp at +62 81 337 134 616. 

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