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Ubud Tour will begin by visiting popular places in Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali province. This Ubud Tour will start by visiting Batuan Kaler Village at Gianyar Regency. The purpose of visiting this village is to show you How Balinese artists create art stuff from wood materials.

Our Tour Guide will also bring and show how the process of this Wood Carving art in the Wood Art Gallery located in Batuan Village. During your visit to the art Gallery, you will see Popular Art statues like the Ganesha Statue and other beautiful art stuff here in the art village of Bali.

Like you may find in other places or other countries, the art stuff that they produce here is also for sale. So, If you want, you can buy some of the items for souvenirs that you can bring when you return to your home country.

After spending about 50 to 60 minutes at the art shop in Batuan Kelar Village, we will continue our tour by visiting the Waterfall in Gianyar, then we will go to visit Monkey Forest in Ubud Central, Ubud District.

For your information, Monkey Forest is one of the iconic Tourist spots in Ubud. During covid-19, this place was almost emptied. However, after the Indonesian government opened the gate for tourists to enter the island, we found out that, slowly but surely, tourists started coming, and many of them visited Monkey Forest in Ubud.

Now, we see there are many tourists visiting Monkey forest, and many of these tourists take photos and upload them to their social media. Because of this, now the place has become popular again as a tourist destination in Bali province.

For tourist attractions, you can experience taking photos (selfie photos) with the monkeys here in the monkey forest in Ubud.

You will spend here about 60 minutes. Just for your notes, the entrance ticket is already included in your Ubud Tour Package. So you don’t need to worry about paying extra money anytime visiting this place when you join the Ubud Tour Program with us.

After Monkey Forest, we continue our trip to visit Ubud Art Market ( Pasar Seni Ubud ). This popular shopping destination will become your favorite spot when you join our tour program. 

To Explore this Ubud Art Market, We will stop somewhere and we will explore this Ubud Art Market by Walking around Ubud Central.

During this exploration, our tour guide will bring you to visit iconic places like Ubud Palace and Water Palace. 

In Ubud Central, you also will find Ubud Palace, Ubud Palace is an official residence of the Royal Family of Ubud.

The Story of this Palace began in the 17th century when a Prince from the Klungkung Kingdom was sent to Sukawati to create a Palace ( the purpose of establishing this palace was to design to become a center of power ).

To build this palace, the Price involved and invited Artisans from all over places in Bali to help them establish the Kingdom.

However, after the construction was completed, many of the artisans decided to stay in Sukawati. 

Now, Ubud is one of the districts in Gianyar Regency, in Bali Province, and has become one of the favorite destinations for tourists who come to Bali.

Ubud actually considers a village, however, tourist facilities, including infrastructure, are already really good. Restaurants, five-star hotels from big brands like the Ritz Carlton, and premium villas you can find in Ubud. 

After Ubud Traditional Market, our next stop is visiting Coffee Plantation. Visiting Coffee Plantation is an option when we still have time before we bring you back to your hotel.

The coffee Plantation in Bali is well known for its high quality and its traditional farming method, Making this Coffee plantation become one of the tourist attractions in Bali Province.   

When visiting this coffee plantation, you will get a chance to try the coffee bean, and if you like, you can buy some items that you can use as a souvenir for your friends or family when you come back to your country. 

If you need more details about our Ubud Tour Program, you also can visit our youtube below youtube channel.

Hopefully, all the above stories will give you an idea of what you get and where you go by joining this Ubud Tour, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to discuss.

We also provide other tour destinations in Bali, we have Uluwatu Tour and Kintamani Tour. Besides Tours Program, we also have Adventure activities like ATV or quad bike, white water rafting, scuba diving, and many more.


Detail Itinerary

09: 00 – 09: 15 Pick up at your hotel
10: 00 – 10: 40 Wood Carving Art Shop
11: 30 – 12: 30 Visiting Waterfall
14: 20 – 15: 20 Monkey Forest
15: 30 – 16: 30 Ubud Palace | Ubud Market
17: 30 – 17: 40 Arrive at Your Hotel

Included Packages

  • Entrance Ticket for Waterfall
  • Entrance Ticket for Monkey Forest
  • Parking fee during Tour Program
  • Private Car, Gasoline, Driver fee

Additional Note

  • Make sure standby at your hotel’s lobby 15 min before Pick up Time.
  • Bali Best Adventures will not refund any payments if the guest NO SHOW or make a cancellation one day before the trip.

USD 35 / Pax

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