why people visiting bali

Why People Visiting Bali

In the last few days, we did a survey and asked our guests who tour with us about the reasons why they come and visiting Bali for their holiday. There are some reasons why they finally decided to visit Bali for a holiday; below are the results:

-Bali Relatively Cheap
About a few weeks ago, I went on a tour with guests and explored Ubud in Bali; during our tour, we discussed food, drinks, and other things that we felt comfortable discussing. On the way to Ubud, one question pup up in my mind: “Why are these guests choosing to visiting Bali”, and not go to other countries like Dubai or other countries, So I asked this question to our guest, and our guest gave an answer: they said, “why visiting Bali” is because Bali a consider relatively Cheap for them to visit ( if compare to other destination) like travelling European countries, on top of that they also said as a bonus they notice the moment they arrive in Bali they realize people in Bali are friendly and giving them warm welcome from the moment they arrive at the Airport in Bali. So one of the reasons why they visiting Bali is because the budget to explore the island is relatively cheap.

-People in Bali Friendly
Still, according to our Guest Survey, the most important reason why tourists keep coming to Bali and repeat return Visiting Bali is because people in Bali are so friendly and make them miss the island anytime they need time for the holiday. The statement saying people in Bali friendly is not this time only, we hear about this also; before we met our current guest, we also had a similar impression from other guests, who said they come back to the island because they feel they get a warm welcome from people in Bali.

-Popular in Social Media
Besides, People in Bali Friendly, and Visiting Bali consider Cheaper, Bali is also Popular among Social Media platforms, making Bali more and more popular as a tourist destination in Asia or maybe in the world. In Bali, tourist destinations like the Gate of Heaven or Lempuyang Temple, Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida, or Watching Kecak Dance in Uluwatu Temple are the spots that we notice full of tourists throughout the year. If you go to social media like Instagram or Youtube, you can see how popular this island is and get huge exposure from youtuber every day.


-Recommended by friends
The Last result we get through this survey of why people Visiting Bali is they said Bali is a tourist destination recommended by their friends when they find a place for a holiday. I think this last point still relates to the previous points because of the experience people had when they visited Bali So they recommended the island to their friends or family.

Our Expectation
Hopefully, these beautiful points will make Bali popular and keep bringing a positive impact to those people who come and visit Bali. As a Tour company, Bali Best Adventures is really happy, and seeing these positive comments will bring a positive impact not only for us but also on those small-small communities that get benefits from tourists who visit the island and bring a good economy to people who work in the community.

For your information, Bali is one of the provinces we have in the countries. Total Indonesia has 38 Provinces, and Bali is one of them. If you have more time, we also suggest you explore other parts of Indonesia.

If you need more information about Bali, you can contact Bali Best Adventures. We are an Official tour Company, and our office is located in Bali. Not only tour, we also provide adventures like Jet Ski, Diving, Trekking to Mount Batur, and many more.

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