Another tourist place you should know in Bali is Kintamani, located in the northeast part of Bali; Kintamani lies at an altitude of 1470 meters in the northern mountain of the island.

If you stay in Denpasar, you can access Kintamani in about 2 hours by car. Along the road, you can see many stopping-places, where you can enjoy stunning views of Mount Batur from restaurants or cafes found along the main street of Kintamani.

In Bali, Kintamani is well famous in the agriculture sector; many of the population are farmers, and they grow such orange plantations, Avocado, and Kintamani Coffee, which is also getting popular among tourists and local players in Bali and Indonesia.

For those tourists who love hiking activities, Kintamani is popular with hiking adventures. Throughout the year, many tourists visit Kintamani for a hiking adventure, if you want, we can arrange the schedule for you, and we are ready to set an excellent package for your trip.

Like many places in Bali, you also will find a temple at Kintamani; one of them is Pura Tengah Koripan ( Tengah Koripan Temple ). To access this temple, you need to drive from the Kintamani ( main street ) to the north part until you find Penulisan Village. This temple is located 1745 from sea level.

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