Jimbaran Seafood

Jimbaran Seafood

As a popular tourist destination, the island of Bali is not only popular with the white sand beach but also with seafood that local people serve and sell to the tourists who visit the island. One of the famous seafood sites in Bali is located in the southern part of Bali; this place is called Jimbaran Seafood. This Village is located near the International Ngurah Rai Airport; therefore, access to this village is easy if you stay in the southern part of Bali.

Eating Seafood in Jimbaran is one of the popular activities that local people in Bali always offer to the tourist who visit the island when taking holiday in Bali. One of the most popular activities tourists can enjoy is meeting and interacting with local sellers at Jimbaran SEafood’s local market. Working as a fisherman is the main income for the villagers who live here, and some of them join the community and open local vendors to sell the varieties of fish to the tourists who visit the village for dinner. So, if you come to this village, you will see many local vendors along the beach selling many varieties of fish, scallops, and many more that you can enjoy while waiting for the sunset.  

When is the best time to Visit Jimbaran Seafood?
Most of our guests visit this place after spending a Full-Day tour on the island, about 6 pm (sunset time); this is the best time we recommend you consider visiting this Fisherman Village. Since Jimbaran Seafood is a destination for culinary spots, bringing your family or your partner to visit Jimbaran Seafood will be an idea. Your children will have an experience interacting with locals, and it will become the memorable thing you can bring after you leave the island and go back to your home country.

What Kind of Fish that Local People Sell? 
Most of the menu they offer is seafood-based, like Red Snapper, Scallop, Tiger Prawn, and many more. However, since there are many tourists visiting Jimbaran Seafood, the local village is trying to improve its available menus. They also provide other options like Nasi Goreng ( Indonesian Traditional Food and Mie Goreng) that you can choose as an alternative at your dinner table. 

How to Buy?
Since the concept is a traditional Market, the tourists who visit Jimbaran Seafood will choose the fish that they like; after they choose and decide what kind of fish they want to eat, they can bring the fish to the local guy, who will cook it for them. This part of the activities is the most tourist-like since they will interact and decide on their own which fish they like to cook for dinner. For the drinks, you can order fresh coconut or Bintang Beer while waiting for the sunset. If you don’t bring cash, “no worries,” you can pay with a Card.

Besides fresh and delicious seafood, you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset and witness the Aircraft come and go from your dinner table since this Seafood Jimbaran is really near the Ngurah Rai Airport. For the entertainment, there are some local musicians ( they will come with a small group of 3-4 people) come to your table and sing ( you can request a song if you have a special song to make your dinner more memorable)

How to Visit Jimbaran Seafood
If you join our tour package, some of our packages include visiting Jimbaran Seafood, so you will automatically visit this place when you join our tour. If you are a free traveler, you can come to this place by renting a car on the island, or you can book transportation at your hotel stay. This Seafood Jimbaran is very popular on the island.

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