five things to do in ubud

five things to do in ubud

Five things to do in Ubud. If you visit Bali, If you talk about Ubud, you will be familiar with a few things. Namely, Fresh Wethere, Balinese Culture, Local Food, Beautiful Rice Terrace, and maybe you also can agree with me if I say Ubud is famous for Luwak Coffee.

Fresh Wethere has become one of the reasons why tourists ( local or international tourists) visit Ubud. You can easily find many places, like beautiful rice terrace views and natural rivers in Ubud. In many opportunities, local people maximize the river’s potential and sell it to tourists for water sports, like rafting and tubing water sport, and many more local people do to maximize the function of the natural river. If you want, you can join the tour and enjoy the moment.
Or, to enjoy the Fresh Wether in Ubud, simply you can just go out from your villa( or hotel your stay) and go to the traditional local market. There are many conventional local markets in Ubud; you can explore and interact with local people; this also will be good for you to learn about local culture.

The second thing you can do in Ubud is Enjoy the Culture; Bali is popular and worldwide known for its beautiful culture; this popularity makes Bali always Top rank destination among other tourist destinations in the world. If you visit Bali, we recommend you list Ubud on your must-visit place. Visiting the Balinese temple and seeing local people practicing their faith in their holy temple is an excellent idea to do in Ubud, or you can try authentic food in Ubud.

The third thing you should experience is Local Food.
If you love healthy food or a vegetarian dish, I think visiting Ubud is a brilliant choice; there are so many various foods you can find in Ubud. If you want a fancy restaurant, Ubud can give options, too; most of these restaurants sell local and international dishes. However, if you fan of local food, Ubud also has a wide variety of food, and you can experience such as Lawar Bali; Lawar Bali is one of the popular local food in Bali.

Last but not least you should do in Ubud is go to see the rice field terrace in Tegalalang. If you want to enjoy this stunning view without a schedule, we suggest you rent a bike (make sure to use a helmet for your safety), and your international license is still not expired too. From Central Ubud to the Rice terrace site, you can reach the site in about 20 to 30 minutes.

In Tegalalang, you can stop in a local coffee shop and enjoy the stunning view of the rice terrace, we suggest you explore Rice Terrace in the morning time, and if you have the budget, you can have lunch at a local restaurant near the Tegalalang rice terrace.

The last activity we recommend you if visiting Ubud is to visit Coffee Plantation. Drinking coffee on the site where local people produce coffee beans is another experience you should try when you visit Ubud.

After lunch in the Tegalalang Rice Terrace, we recommend you to find local coffee; in Ubud, Luwak Coffee is really popular, and trying and interacting with local farmers will be an unforgettable moment.

Hopefully, the above 5 Things To Do in Ubud will give you ideas about what you can do in Ubud during your Holiday here in Bali.

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