Waterfalls in Bali

Waterfalls in Bali

Waterfalls in Bali tour will bring you to explore Banyumala Waterfall in the Northern Part of Bali. Not only Banyumala Waterfall, actually there are many Waterfall you can find on the island. However, most of these waterfalls are located in the northern part of Bali, and some of the waterfalls you can find are in Gianyar Regency and Bangli regency.

For those Tourists ( especially international Tourists), visiting Waterfalls has become a popular destination in the last few years, especially after the covid-19 outbreak, the number of Tourists who book for waterfalls we notice a slightly increase.

For this Waterfall in Bali program, we only will visit one spot of Waterfall. However, if you need more Waterfall to visit or you have the list of the Waterfall that you plan to visit, we are really happy to discuss and change or take out some of the items in the itinerary to be adjusted into your itinerary.

Access to Banyumala Waterfall
If you stay in Seminyak or Canggu area, reaching this Waterfall is about 2 hours drive. Therefore, to maximize your tour, we will bring you to visit other places in the tourist area that we can find in the northern part of Bali. So, your itinerary will first be to visit Taman Ayun Temple and Ulun Danu Temple before going and visiting Banyumala Waterfall.

In Taman Ayun Temple, we will bring you to explore the historic royal temple that was built in 1634 that belonged to the king of Mengwi, Tjokorda Blambangan. This temple was first renovated in 1750. We will spend about one hour here before we visit Ulun Danu Temple in the northern part of Bali.

About 50 minutes, we drive to Ulun Danu Temple from Taman Ayun. However, we know there is a nice coffee plantation managed by locals that we will find when we are on the way to Ulun Danu Temple. If you want, we can stop for 30 to 40 minutes before we continue our trip to visit Ulun Danu Temple.

The waterfalls in Bali tour program is not a rigid itinerary, our tour guide will be really happy to bring you to visit other places if the time is still possible when we do this tour.

After the Coffee Plantation short tour, we continue our trip to visit Ulun Danu Temple. Ulun Danu Temple is a beautiful temple in the northern part of Bali, people in Bali also call this temple is “Water Temple,” Not only beautiful but this temple as well as a big role in distributing water, especially in the northern part of Bali. Lake Bratan, where you can find Ulun Danu Temple, also distributes the water to the SUBAK system that we have in Bali.

About 1 hour in Ulun Danu, we take lunch before we go to Banyumala Waterfall and explore the beauty of this Waterfall. We allocate about one hour for your lunch, the restaurant for your lunch will be inside the complex of Ulun Danu Temple, or we can stop somewhere when we are on the way to Banyumala Waterfall.

From Ulun Danu Temple to the Banyumala Waterfall is about 40 minutes drive. Since this Waterfall has clear water and it is safe to go swimming, we suggest you bring a change of clothes. Compared to other waterfalls in the northern part of Bali, like Sekumpul Waterfall, this Waterfall is more friendly to Tourists, and the access to walk down from the ticket counter to the waterfall spot is not really far. that is why we recommend this Waterfall to our guests. So far, we have brought and promoted this Waterfall, and we get really good comments from our guests after they come back to their home country.

The ticket to enter this Waterfall will be included in your tour package, So you don’t need to worry about paying extra money to enter this beautiful Waterfall.

Of course, don’t forget to bring your camera when visiting Banyumala Waterfall, there are many spot photos that you will find when you come to this place.

Visiting Bayumala Waterfall will be the spot you will visit on this Waterfall in Bali tour program. After about 1.5 hours in the Banyumala Waterfall, we will bring you going back to your hotel, and the tour is finished.

We hope you enjoy the story.
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09: 00 – 09: 15 Pick up at your hotel
10: 00 – 11: 00 Taman Ayun Temple
10: 30 – 11: 10 Coffee Plantation
11: 50 – 12: 50 Ulun Danu Temple
13: 00 – 14: 00 Lunch
14: 40 – 15: 40 Banyumala Waterfall
17: 00 – 17: 10 Arrive at your hotel

Included in your tour Package :
– Entrance Ticket to Taman Ayun
– Entrance ticket to Ulun Danu Temple
– Entrance ticket to Banyumala Waterfall
– Private Car ( Gasoline, Parking )

Additional Note
  • Make sure standby at your hotel’s lobby 15 min before Pick up Time
  • Bali Best Adventures will not refund any payment if the guest NO SHOW or make a cancellation one day before the trip.



USD 50 / Pax

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