Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Hike More Worry Less !

Your Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour will start with packing your things, set your timer to wake up 30 minutes before 2 am because at 2 am, your driver will pick you up. If you feel hungry and need extra food or drinks, On the way to the start point of Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking, you can stop at the minimarket to buy things you need, like drinks, etc.

Access to reach the start point of Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is about 1.5 – 2 hours. So if you need more sleep, you can sleep in the car on the way to the Start point of this trekking program. Or if you don’t feel sleepy, you can talk with our driver and ask about Balinese Culture, or maybe you need information about other spots on the island.

If the whither is good, you will see a beautiful view of Mount Batur from the start point of the Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour. After arriving at the start point, our driver will introduce you to a professional tour guide who will guide you to the top mountain.

Before starting the trekking, our tour guide will give a briefing, including how many hours you will walk to reach the top (usually about 2 hrs ). Our tour guide also will inform you what you need to bring, such as a lighter, because you will hike this active volcano in the early morning.

If you have a problem with your feet (i.e., you can not walk fast ), please share this with our tour guide So he will walk more slowly and pay extra attention to you.

For your information, this track is about 4.5 km (about 1.5 – 2 hours); please also make sure to use comfortable shoes since some of the tract are challenging to walk.

After you arrive at the top of the mountain, you will see the stunning view of Bali from where you stand. While waiting for sunrise, your tour guide from Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking will prepare breakfast for you. Your breakfast will be Egg and bread. (Simple American Breakfast). Coffee and tea are also included in your breakfast, which is part of your tour package.

Another beauty of this trekking is that you can experience the volcano’s warmth; our tour guide will bring you to spots and experience seeing the volcano directly.

After spending hours on top of the mountain, you are now making your way down back to your start point. On the way back, please be careful and watch your step; sometimes, those monkeys try to play with you. Not all of them are terrifying; some of those monkeys we notice are also familiar, especially to the tour guide. You will see those monkeys play with a tour guide but not recommended if you are a newcomer to the monkeys.

I think the beautiful view you found on the top of the mountain will pay your extra effort and energy to hike the mountain.

Visiting Natural Hot Spring
After finishing exploring the program Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking, our suggestion is you go to visit a natural hot spring; this location is not really far from mount Batur. Spending about one hour here will recharge your energy, and this natural hot spring also has a beauty that you should see.

Visiting Coffee Plantation
The Last Spot we suggest you should see is Coffee Plantation, this program of Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking will also allow you to visit a coffee plantation near Ubud. Visiting the Coffee plantation itinerary is way back from Natural Hot Spring to your hotel; in the coffee plantation, you will see how local people develop herbal tea and, of course, how locals create the product from coffee beans.

During this short tour, our tour guide from Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking will explain to you in detail about this coffee plantation. We also will show you many different coffees; some coffees they mix with coconut, So this mixing creates a new flavor in your coffee’s taste.

To experience the flavor, they will give a free taste of the coffee, and if you like, they have a small shop there and some items you can buy; maybe you need coffee as a souvenir when you leave Bali and return to your home country.

On this coffee tour, we also will introduce you to authentic Balinese coffee, which we call this “Coffee Luwak” This Luwak Coffee is considered unique because the process of getting the coffee bean is from the poo of animal that we call “Luwak.”

The coffee plantation itself is still managed in a traditional way; visiting this coffee plantation, you will see how local people roast the coffee beans and finally produce the coffee to become a valuable product and a source of income for locals in Bali.

Hopefully, the above information will be helpful when you need a reference when visiting Bali.

Pick Up Schedule

02am (Morning) We Pick up at your hotel
09am Trekking Finish
09.10am Depart Mt Batur
09.20am Natural Hot Spring
Spend 1 hour at Hot Spring
10.20am Depart Hot Spring
10.50pm Coffee Plantation
Spend 1 hour at Coffee Plantation
11.50 Leave Coffee Plantation
12.50 Arrive at your hotel
Hotel Stay in Kuta/Seminyak Area

Including on this Package :
– Private Car
– Entrance ticket to Mount Batur
– Breakfast Includes in Package

Additional Notes

  • Make sure standby at your hotel’s lobby 15 min before Pick up Time
  • Bali Best Adventures will not refund any payment if the guest NO SHOW or make a cancellation one day before the trip.



USD 50 / Pax

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