Besakih Temple Tour

Besakih Temple Tour will bring you to visit Besakih Temple. This temple is considered the Holiest Temple in Bali. Besakih Temple is situated about 1000 meters UP THE SIDE of Mount Agung and is considered the Mother Temple of all temples on the island.

Besakih Temple is a complex of 23 separate temples but still related temples, the temple is built on six levels, the largest and the most important is Penataran Agung Temple.

Besakih Temple is an important cultural and religious landmark in Bali, and it is believed to be one of the most beautiful and significant temples on the island. It is a famous tourist destination and attracts many travelers from around the world who are interested in exploring Bali’s rich cultural roots and spiritual traditions.

If you stay in the southern part of Bali, like Kuta or Seminyak. You can access drive about two hours Besakih, depending on traffic. 

In the eastern part of Bali, not only Besakih Temple but also this Besakih Temple Tour will bring you to other tourist attractions. 

Visiting Besakih Temple
will be the first stop for This 
Besakih Temple Tour

The Besakih Temple Tour will begin after we pick you up at 9 am at your hotel’s lobby. Our tour guide will give you a short briefing about the tour, and we will start the tour by exploring the eastern part of Bali.

First Stop, our Tour Guide will bring you to visit Besakih Temple. As we mentioned previously, the distance from your hotel’s stay in Seminyak to Besakih Temple is about two hours drive.

After spending about one hour in Mother and the holiest temple, we continue our trip to visit Kertha Gosa. However, before we explore Kertha Gosa, we will recharge our energy and stop at the restaurant to have lunch before we continue our exploration in the eastern part of Bali.

For your lunch, we will bring you to the restaurant located about 20 minutes drive from Besakih Temple. We will bring you to the restaurant with stunning views of the surrounding landscape and the local rice terraces. This restaurant is built in the hills on the edge of the rice terrace, bringing a unique and peaceful experience to your trip.

After Lunch We
continue our trip to visit
Kertha Gosa 

After Lunch, we continue our trip to visit Kertha Gosa (Royal Court of Justice). Kertha Gosa is one of the Historical buildings in Bali Province. This place used to be part of the Klungkung empire.

Kertha Gosa means
“the place where The King
meets with his ministries to discuss justice.”

This historic building was built in the early 18th century by Dewa Agung Gusti Sideman. In 1920, Kertha Gosa was repainted, then they repainted it again in 1960.

Kertha Gosa

Kertha Gosa is notable for its detailed ceiling paintings, which show scenes from the Hindu epic Ramayana and scenes from everyday life in Bali. The paintings are considered some of the best examples of Balinese art and are a major tourist attraction.

Kertha Gosa is also considered to be a symbol of the island’s cultural heritage, and it is considered to be one of Bali’s most necessary cultural landmarks. This place is open to the public and is one of the popular stops for tourists exploring the island.

Today, Kertha Gosa is maintained as a museum, and tourists can learn about the history and culture of Bali by exploring its exhibits and admiring its artwork. Whether you’re an art lover, a history enthusiast, or simply someone interested in learning about Bali’s rich cultural heritage, a visit to Kertha Gosa is worth your time.

We will be at Kertha Gosa about One Hour before we continue our Trip to Visit Sukawati to visit Gold and Silver Art Shop.

Visiting Sukawati Village is 
The last spot we visit on this
Besakih Temple Tour

In 17th century a prince from Klungkung was sent to Sukawati to create a palace, the purpose of this palace was to establish a center of Greate Power and Aesthetic beauty. 

To Establish the palace, the Price of Klungkung involves artisans from all over Bali to help them to build the palace. After the construction was completed, many of these artisans decided to stay in Sukawati Village.

To reach Sukawati Village, we need to drive about 40 – 50 minutes. We will explore Art-Work in Sukawati, and we will visit Gold and Silver Art Shops.

During our visit, you can observe the artwork process firsthand, as many of the Art-Shop are open to the public. Here, tourists can watch and purchase finished art products, or if you like, you can take classes to learn the art of Art-Work.

If you need more details about our Besakih Temple Tour Program, just visit our below youtube channel.

Hopefully, the above pieces of information are clear and give you an idea about this Besakih Temple Tour. Besides Besakih Temple Tour, we also provide other tour packages in Bali.

We also Provide Others Tours, like Ubud Tour, Kintamani Tour, and Uluwatu Tour. For Adventures, We provide ATV Adventure, Diving, Snorkeling, and Visiting Waterfalls in Bali, and we also work with fast boat operators and sell tickets to Gili Trawangan and Lombok.

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09: 00 – 09: 15 Pick up at your hotel
11: 00 – 12: 00 Visiting Besakih Temple
12: 30 – 13: 30 Lunch at a Local Restaurant
14: 20 – 15: 20 Kertha Gosa 
16: 00 – 16: 30 Gold & Silver Art Shop
17: 20 – 17: 30 Arrive at your hotel.

Included in your Tour Package :

  • Besakih Temple Entrance Ticket
  • Kertha Gosa Entrance Ticket
  • Parking fee During the Tour
  • Private Car/ Gasoline/ Driver Fee

Additional Note

  • Make sure standby at your hotel’s lobby 15 min before Pick up Time
  • Bali Best Adventures will not refund any payments if the guest NO SHOW or make a cancellation one day before the trip.



USD 43 / Pax

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