4 best restaurant in kuta

Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe in Bali is one point you can hang out at any time. Their whole Bar menu caters to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, but overall, the American foods they have will meet your flavor flowers to the fullest. The most suitable time to eat here is at night because they also have live shows performing on at that time. 

Rosso Vivo

offers fantastic of the most satisfying meals from the famous Italian cuisine, this restaurant is one of the numerous comfortable of the Kuta restaurants. It is appropriately placed on the most attractive beaches in Kuta and serves an exquisitely prepared menu with around 75 food items and about 120 various drinks. 

The ingredients are freshly procured, and a unit of culinary masterminds prepares the food. A dinner in Rosso Vivo, followed by music in the environment and the sense of the sun’s shadow at the seaside, is convinced to make a vital space in the memory.

Warung Made

One of the most famous restaurants in Kuta, this restaurant began as a street stall and has developed to its current glory now. The food serves a combination of different local and international foods such as Indonesian, Western, and unique Japanese specialties, creating a mix of cultures and tastes worldwide. 

There are various dishes from the Balinese table, including the mouth-watering Betutu-Chicken and roast-pig. The ambiance is embracing, and the service is outstanding. 

Uni Restaurant & Bar

From the trailblazing duo of Bali’s Mexicola Group, star chef Steven Skelly and drinks guru Nicolas Lento has once again joined forces to bring the restaurant an innovative fine restaurant in sounding Berawa. This sophisticated and design-savvy 70-seater ‘casual fine diner’ comes with eclectic artwork lining the walls and an amalgamation of Asian influence and modern techniques on the food. Locally sourced seafood and greens served with Japanese and French influences, like savory doughnuts with brandade and beetroot, decadent crab lasagna with delicate herbs and a ginger emulsion, and even char Sui lobster pastries. 

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