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Bali Water Sport is one the great adventure that tourist could explore during their stay in Bali, as Bali Water Sport is one of attractive tourist activities Bali’s authority has been officially appointed Tanjung Benoa as Bali Water Sport center activity therefore all the tourist who wants to enjoy Bali Water Sport can come to Tanjung Benoa.

In certain period such as school holiday particularly the number of tourist who are visiting Tanjung Benoa and try Bali Water Sport are dramatically high. To anticipate and secure the space to those guest who wants to enjoy Bali Water Sport we really recommended to book the activities at least 7 days in advance than we can secure the space for you.


Recently we receive some comments that quit a lot time they need allocate for each activities as there are so many people who wants to enjoy the Bali Water Sport too. To respond this kind of comments Bali Best Adventures initiated to create this website to make sure for each our guest could book Bali Water Sport prior to their arriving in Bali. In certain packages with specific number of participants we also will provide free return transportation service to location.


JET SKY 500.000 1000.000
BANANA BOAT 400.000 1000.000
DIVING 300.000 1000.000
SNORKLING 340.000 2000.000
FISHING 400.000 600.000
TURTLE ISLAND 300.000 600.000
OTHER 490.000 500.000




Parasailing is one the most favorite tourist activity in Bali Water Sport zone at Tanjung Benoa. from the sky above guest could enjoying amazing view of Bali water sport site, to secure the space we recommend to block the space prior to your arrival in Bali. RATE AT US$ 15NET/PERSON



Other activities that tourist could enjoy at Bali Water Sport zone in Tanjung Benoa are Snorkeling. Fantastic coral and our friendly snorkeling guide will assist during your snorkeling time at Tanjung Benoa/Bali Water Sport. please feel free to contact us to secure the space, RATE AT US$ 20 NET/PERSON


Banana Boat

Banana Boat mean inflatable boat (shaped banana) we can find this kind of activity at Tanjung Benoa or sometime we call this place Bali Water Sport site because tourist local/international who wants to enjoy Bali Water Sport should come to this place. the duration to play approximately 15 min. As the space are limited we recommend you to BOOK the space prior to your arrival in Bali. PRICE AT US$ 15 NET/PERSON


Additional Note:
– Free transportation will be consider Free of charge if total participant for Water Sport Min 3 persons

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